Today’s Lunch was Falafel



Sol Cuisine Organic Falafel is pretty tasty – flavour-wise, but I find them a bit dry. The recommendation is to do them in the oven, and I did that the first go-round when we had them for supper a while back, but I made some changes when I had them for lunch and they were vastly improved.

I fried a couple of these little chickpea-morsels on my Green Pan with a bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (E.V.O.O.) and just before serving, I poured a few drops of water on each of them, then squashed them down a bit with my spatula. The result was a very nice and moist falafel which I then popped into a roti with some shredded organic romaine, some organic tomato slices and a lovely tahini-tamari-lime juice-agave sauce. YUM!

Incidentally, the Sol Cuisine falafel product comes with its own tahini sauce, but be sure to thaw it separately before you start cooking. The “warm-water” method doesn’t really work. I prefer my own sauce just the same.

Sadly, the resulting roti was not camera-worthy, but believe me, it went down a treat!

These small falafels are great for a quick lunch, but they can be a bit pricey. We tried another brand (which I will tell you about some time) that I found to be even better.


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