Hash Tag – You’re it!



I remember my mom used to make a hash whenever there were leftovers. Usually this involved some round steak, or maybe some leftover roast beef. This was the stuff I ate first – to get it off my plate. I was never really a big lover of meat, and it was the crispy fried potatoes and onions that really tempted my young, developing palate. I was often one to raid the fridge for cold leftovers of stew, just to eat the potatoes, carrots and turnip!

I had a really nice fresh organic green cabbage in my own fridge this week, so I decided to use it to make a hash of my own. I also had some spicy Yves veggie Italian Brats (see my sidebar for link to their site).

I pulled out my wonderful Greenpan and started chopping up my ingredients. I’m not so much of a mise-en-place type as a chop-as-you-go-and-toss-in-the-pan gal. I work off-the-cuff generally.

Here’s how the recipe evolved:

(Kat’s Vegan Sausage Hash)

2 medium, organic potatoes, cut into eighths, covered with cold water and sprinkled with a dash of sea salt
(cook in pot until tender, but not mushy; drain, turn off heat and steam with cover on for a couple of minutes )

Meanwhile, chop your veggies:
1 medium organic red onion, quartered and sliced
(toss in the pan with E.V.O.O. to saute)
2 veggie brats, sliced into coins (fairly thin- you want them to brown and the edges to crisp)
(toss into the pan with onions – add more oil if necessary)

Note: keep stir-frying everything as you as add new ingredients

1/4 head of organic green cabbage, sliced
(added to pan and stirred with wooden spoon)

At this point I toss in about 1/2 tsp. organic red pepper flakes, ground in some organic black pepper, and tossed in about a tsp. of fennel seeds)

1 good-sized organic tart apple, chopped
(add to pan and stir to soften)

Chop steamed potatoes into chunks and add to pan. Toss in a little crumbled coconut bacon (I use Phoney Baloney’s because I haven’t got round to making my own).

Mix everything once more; sprinkle with a little Himalayan salt and serve.

Your turn! Let me know how you like it.

(I wish there leftovers for my lunch today, but sadly, there are not. ;-))


6 thoughts on “Hash Tag – You’re it!

  1. This dish looks delish! It was so great to meet you yesterday and your blog is awesome! Good for you for “being the change”. 🙂 Check out my facebook page “Simply Vegan” which also has a link to my blog simplyvegan10.blogspot.ca I look forward to seeing you at more Vegfest Guelph events! 😀

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