Instant Pudding!



When a recipe for a steamed banana muffin popped up in my reader from Elle, at Elle’s Vegan Food Diary, I knew it was one I was going to try out for sure.

I had a bit of a comments-exchange with Elle to work out some of the details because I wasn’t sure exactly how she had steamed the muffin – was it a bain marie in the oven, or in a pot on the stove? Turns out, she did the steaming in a stainless steel cup in a pan on the stove.  I asked her if she thought a ceramic ramekin would work and she agreed that it would.

Last Friday afternoon, I was feeling peckish ( I do find with this plant-based diet that I am eating way more often, but it’s always the good stuff), so I decided to put this recipe into practice.

I had a brainwave to use my vegetable steamer to make the muffin, but when I pulled it out of my cupboard, I realized it had a handle for lifting out of the pot, stuck dead centre in the base of the steamer. Fortunately, I noticed it was notched at the bottom and was designed to twist and be pulled out for easy cleaning.  I’ve had this steamer for years and never caught that before. Duh!


When it came to the recipe, I decided to change it up a little bit, but the results were absolutely luscious! A nice, warm “muffin” which is really like a steamed pudding that you might make at Christmas, only far simpler and practically instant!

Here’s the recipe that I adapted from Elle’s. (P.S. Go and visit Elle’s blog, she’s a really nice girl, and her blog is welcoming and fun to peruse.  Don’t go when you’re hungry!)


Elle’s Steamed Muffin*

2 Tbsp. whole wheat flour

1/2 tsp. coconut sugar*

1/2 tsp. baking soda

organic dried cranberries*

1/5 frozen banana, thawed

1/4 cup organic apple juice* – give or take,

depending on how moist the banana makes the batter.

(*my slight revisions) 

Whisk all ingredients in a small bowl.  Scrape into ramekin or stainless steel cup (greased with coconut oil) .

Place ramekin in middle of steamer in a pot with about a cup of boiling water.  Cover pot with lid. Steam about 20 minutes until muffin tests done with cake tester (no sticky bits on the end).

Carefully remove ramekin (use oven mitts). Allow to cool on a rack for about 10 minutes. Turn over, empty onto a plate.

You could serve this with non-dairy ice-cream, or pour over a little coconut milk – So Delicious coffee creamer is a good possibility, but it’s also good without anything.

I’m going to make another one very soon.

Kind of like a mug-cake, but without the microwave, which is a good thing.



6 thoughts on “Instant Pudding!

  1. Oh that’s so neat!! I love it, this looks great. Thanks so much for trying it out!
    Your apple juice idea got me wondering now if I should try making the same thing, but replacing the banana with apple sauce. …and maybe add in walnuts and cinnamon? It would make a good on the go lunch. Haha I’ll experiment and do another post if it works out.
    Anyways, love the post 😀

    • Somehow I missed responding to this the other day, Elle. I go between desktop and iPad, so things slip by. I think the alternates would work – it’s a versatile recipe. I really enjoyed the texture and taste and plan on making another one soon. Thanks for coming back and commenting! Kat

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