Sometimes I Cheat


I’ve had a favourite recipe in my back pocket for quite some time now.  I like it because it’s a really good one when I’m tired, or we have to go out after dinner, or I just feel like something not too heavy for lunch or supper.  Pesto and tomatoes work so well together – the acid of the tomatoes with the peppery quality of the pesto are a killer combination!  Of course, I’m not content to leave it at that, I like to add a few extras for a more complex flavour profile. (Can you tell I watch a whole lot of Food Network programs? Don’t you wish they would do at least one show for the vegans out there?)

So what’s the cheat? Well, when I’m lazy (which isn’t too often) I use a store-bought pesto that I get at my health-food store. It’s a vegan, kale-oregano pesto that  I use a number of different ways.  For this recipe I put these ingredients to work:


Presto! Pesto and Tomatoes


1. Select a carb (for this particular meal I used
leftover organic brown basmati rice, but of course any carb will do)

2. organic grape tomatoes, quartered

3. various spices

4. toppings

Stir-fry the tomatoes in a small amount of E.V.O.O. Sprinkle with a little red chili flakes and grind some fresh black pepper into the mix. Add the cooked rice to the pan and stir to combine until warmed through. Stir in about 2 Tbsp. of the pesto. Top with vegetable “parmesan” (I use Vegi-Parm) or nutritional yeast.
(For a creamier effect, stir in some Belsoy non-dairy cream and blend.)

Fast, simple, and oh so satisfying! A real modern-day comfort food.



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