In a pickle



I’m not really in any sort of pickle, but I am mad about a sort of pickle.

Have you tried kimchi ?

Kimchi ((a.k.a kimchee or gimchi)  is the national dish of Korea, and I am so glad that it has made its way over to our North American shores.

It’s a Korean side dish that contains fermented cabbage, red chili flakes, onions, garlic, ginger and in some varieties, other vegetables like carrots or broccoli. It is packed with nutrients and fibre, and healthy bacteria that keeps your gut in good shape.

I read about this condiment quite a while ago and had never tried it, but about a month ago, I saw it in the health food market we frequent and decided to pick up a jar.  I’m almost finished my second jar now.  I love this kimchi stuff!


The one I buy is a local product that comes from Green Table Foods (see my sidebar). It is totally vegan (original kimchis use fish products), and is totally addictive! I sometimes find myself just standing next to the fridge, eating it right out of the jar!  The rest of the time, I’ll plunk a bit next to my main course, or my sandwich or even with my breakfast. It is that good!

Do yourself a favour; if you’ve never tried kimchi, don’t be afraid, just buy a jar and see what you think.  If you don’t like it, there’s bound to be someone who will polish it off for you.  Or you could send it to me. 😉


2 thoughts on “In a pickle

  1. Ahh I love Kimchi! I lived in Korea for quite a while so it became a bit of staple food for me. You can cook some amazing dishes with it too; kimchi fried rice and kimchi stew are both delicious. I’d recommend giving them a try if you haven’t had them before 🙂 (that’s also reminded me I haven’t posted enough Korean recipes!)

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