Food Shop—Food-Stop!


My favourite health foods store. It’s out of town, but only a little ways, and every couple of weeks we head down to the city for some great organic vegetables and fruits, and lots of meatless goodies, organic spices, vegan chocolate, etc. Is there anything more satisfying than unloading all that goodness into your fridge and pantry?



A great little vegetarian/vegan restaurant called, “The Cornerstone”. It’s a hangout of local university students and their instructors. They’re smart; they know where the good stuff is! And now, so do we. Look at that huge menu on the blackboard! What will we choose?



My husband and I have been together for 20 years this month, and a huge part of our courtship and married life has been finding great little places to get breakfast. Now that we’re vegan, it’s a little trickier, especially where we live, out in the country. Fortunately, The Cornerstone is not far away, and it’s meals like these that keep bringing us back.

I had the tofu-scramble (with a little hot sauce on the side, cuz I like it hot!) with roasted rosemary potatoes, toast with vegan margarine, and fair trade, organic coffee with almond milk. Oh, so good!
My husband had the home-made granola (arguably, the best granola he has ever tasted, so he says) with soy milk, and black coffee on the side.

We left well satisfied.

How was YOUR Sunday?


2 thoughts on “Food Shop—Food-Stop!

  1. My Sunday was great! Yours sounds fab 🙂 I went to the farmers market, read the paper, skyped home to NZ, went foraging along the river Thames with hubby for Elderflowers. Set the Elderflowers up with lemon & dates to ferment, made huge amounts of basil & sunflower seed pesto, froze some… and made the dessert you see on my blog. I still found time to relax though!!! I LOVE SUNDAYS!!!

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