You’re a vegan? That must be hard!


Lately, when I give up that I’ve recently moved over to Veganism, I am often met with this response: “How’s that working out for you?”

I am quick to reply that it is “working out” great, and I have no regrets or recriminations. I think people expect you to say, Oh, it’s really hard! And I’m always hungry because there’s just not enough good vegan stuff to eat.” Yeah, right.

I belong to a group on Facebook called, “What Fat Vegans Eat”. The “FAT” is actually an acronym for Fantastic, Amazing, Terrific. If the nay-sayers could see the mouth-watering temptations that scroll past my view everyday when I turn on my iPad, they would never have to ask, “How’s that working out for you?”; they would know that we eat better than anybody else.

I saw the above image by Deviant Artist, Wahyawolf courtesy of EVOLVE! Campaigns on Facebook this morning and I love it! My choice to be a vegan is primarily about the animals. I am well aware of the health benefits of being a plant-based eater, but if I can even make a difference to a few animals in my lifetime, or even just one, then it is worth it to me to make changes that preclude eating of their flesh, or using any of their parts for my benefit. It’s not without some inconveniences; yesterday, I found myself waiting for over two hours while my mother had a walk-in-clinic appointment and then had to wait for a prescription. I was starving, having not eaten since lunchtime, apart from half an organic apple.

I was near a grocery store, so I headed in and looked for something that meets with the vegan requirements that didn’t require cooking. I wanted a snack that would fill me up for the time being. Every label I looked at had a reference to milk or dairy – even nuts were treated with some milk substance! I finally found a bag of plantain chips that were free of any non-vegan products, but contained palm oil. I bought them, and ate sparingly, but it got me through until I could get home to eat something decent.

What sorts of questions do YOU get asked when you share that you are a vegan? How do you respond? Leave a comment to share what you’ve experienced.

Have a great day, and “try” to enjoy your food!


6 thoughts on “You’re a vegan? That must be hard!

  1. I think that most common question is “What do you eat?”, so I post lots of pictures on Facebook so that people know that I eat lots of yummy stuff! In fact, yesterday, I took a photo of a cheeseless pizza that I ordered at a restaurant (which was delicious, by the way!) and my daughter made a comment to her friend, who was with us, that I’m always taking pictures of my food and posting them. Her friend said, “I know! I love looking at what she’s eating!” I’ve also had several people tell me in person that the stuff that I post looks really good. Even though I may not get comments or likes, people are still paying attention! I think the stereotype of vegans being nothing but tofu and sprout eating hippies is quickly disappearing! 🙂

  2. I’ve been asked by a few people whether I can eat bread! It always surprises me that people are happy to eat things when they obviously have no idea what’s in them! Although since becoming vegan it’s proved that there are plenty of things that I never realised are made with animal products.
    It’s always a nice surprise when something really tasty is vegan friendly, but agree that finding snacks or lunch can be hard! People assume you’re some kind of super healthy eating loon too, but I find it pretty easy to be unhealthy if I want!

    • Most people are seriously misinformed, and I have to admit that years ago, I had similar ideas. We really need to educate the masses about our wonderful world of vegan foods!

  3. Woot for What Fat Vegan’s Eat! It’s my fave group on FB.
    When I first went vegan, I lived in Vancouver so it wasn’t this strange unheard of thing. But none of my friends were vegan or even vegetarian at the time. Also, I was a big foodie and..well..really into meat. The questions I got were “why?” and my answer was “Earthlings.”

    But when I moved to another province which was less vegan-friendly I got the questions about health and protein. I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt so I answer honestly and give details when asked. Some people get defensive at first, but I believe they can tell I only mean well so I haven’t had many negative experiences.

    Anywhos, sorry for the wall of text. lol ❤

  4. I’m not vegan – I’m just a vegetarian, who tries to make the leap now again, only to retire with indigestion. I’ll get there one day…

    I have been getting into fried marmite sandwiches lately, which are probably very bad for me.

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