Farm Fantasy


An idyllic scene
Of pastoral perfection—
This shot soon dissolves.

Kat Mortensen©2014


7 thoughts on “Farm Fantasy

      • I sense that you have a great deal of passion for the outdoors, I do as well, its refreshing to see other people having that passion:)

      • Nature and all living creatures, but I wouldn’t call myself outdoorsy particularly. For instance, you can’t pay me to camp! Nothing to do with amenities, just I’m not very good with bugs. ha ha

      • lol I don’t blame you, sometimes living off the grid isn’t as great as people think. But im an advocate of treating all creatures with respect, im trying to change my meat eating ways, because I feel as though im being a hypocrite

      • We were vegetarians who ate chicken and fish and dairy up until this time last year. Read the book, “Eating Animals” by Safran and it will have a profound effect on you. Also, I can recommend the film “Forks Over Knives” or “Earthlings”. If you need any advice on changing to a plant-based diet, let me know. I also have a good board on Pinterest entitled, “No More Meat” that will give you loads of options to start with.

      • Awesome im going to look that literature up today, I did see the documentary “forks over” which was pretty profound, ive recently cut out all meats but chicken, but id deff like to cut it all out, so ill do some research on what you’ve recommended, thanks for the information!! I have to see earthlings that sounds interesting

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