Happy Veganniversary to Me!


A year ago my husband Kevin and I, who were pseudo-vegetarians who ate chicken, fish and dairy, turned to veganism literally overnight. It all started with the book, “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran, followed closely by the film, “Vegucated” which we discovered on Netflix.

Long having claimed to be true animal-lovers, it often came up in conversation that it would be nice to one day stop eating chicken and fish, but eggs and cheese were always the big stumbling blocks.  Amazingly, since giving up all dairy as well as chicken and fish on top of the meat that we were already not eating, neither of us has had a single moment of regret, nor have we ever consciously said, “I miss this, or that.”  In fact, quite the opposite occurs: we often say, how much we enjoy our food more now than ever (and we have always really loved our food), and how the idea of eating eggs or even cheese (my husband has a Danish background and believe me, cheese is a big part of life in that culture) is just anathema to us both.

I have learned to adapt my baking skills to using egg-replacers (I prefer the flax-egg method) and with some of the great meat-substitutes now available, I never have any trouble coming up with a meal idea, or putting something absolutely delectable on our plates.  Even my mom, an 85 year old dyed-in-the-wool carnivore has come to embrace some of the vegan replacements. She doesn’t even balk at our Gardein Turk’y Roast at Christmas!

The best part about being a full-fledged VEGAN is knowing that every day we are doing our part to literally save the lives of animals.  Every time you don’t eat meat or dairy, you’re giving another animal a chance, not to mention being a part of the reduction of pollution and water-wastage.

If you can’t do the whole thing (yet), at least do what you can.  Try a Meatless Monday, or make a dish with a substitute and see how you like it. Try some of the alternative milks or frozen desserts instead of ice cream.  You might be surprised how easy it is to make the change.  I guarantee you’ll feel good that you’re doing something to change the situation for animals.

All the best, and here’s to VEGANS!



3 thoughts on “Happy Veganniversary to Me!

  1. I’m vegetarian, not vegan, but I know what you mean about the “anathema” (not to dairy in my case). Once you undo the conditioning to eating meat you see a piece of meat on a plate for what it really is.

    It also opens your eyes to the way humans treat animals. They go all sentimental about some while simply ignoring or accepting the fact that others are herded up and slaughtered. It reminds me of the way humans treat other humans they oppress: in slave-owning societies, for example, it has been common for certain select slaves to be treated as “part of the family” while the mass of slaves are treated appallingly.

    I like to live around cats. I see no reason to treat cows, pigs, chickens, etc., with any less respect.

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