A New Life

People have various reasons for becoming Vegan or Vegetarian.  For my husband and me it is mainly about the animals.  Sure, the Vegan diet is great for your health and fitness, but the undeniable truth is that by becoming Vegan we can take a stand (however small) against the exploitation of farm animals for the products that are inherently theirs in the first place.  I am of the Christian view that all of God’s creatures should be respected and being Vegan is an expression of my belief.

I won’t fault you for whatever your motivation is to be Vegan because you will be helping the cause.  No matter what, the animals win.

As for you who are thinking about making the change, being Vegan is not as hard people assume.   Everyone thinks there will be no choices, food will taste inferior to the “real thing” or that there will be no flavour at all.  Well, I’m new to Veganism this year, but I can assure you this is far from true.

This blog will share new discoveries of tasty products, recipes and ideas that both promote, and enable an easy transition to Veganism.  Although I always thought I would miss dairy, eggs and cheese, that is not the case.  I’m so satisfied with all the wonderful alternatives and new combinations of foods that I haven’t even given them a second thought.

Join me on this journey, and see if you don’t want to try it out too.  I bet you won’t be able to resist just a taste of this new life.


One thought on “A New Life

  1. Thanks so much for following my blog! Love your positive perspective as a new vegan, it’s great when people can see how open our options truly are. You make it clear that it’s not a question of “missing” anything, it’s really an opportunity to find all of the amazing choices we have out there. Lauren

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