Food Shop—Food-Stop!


My favourite health foods store. It’s out of town, but only a little ways, and every couple of weeks we head down to the city for some great organic vegetables and fruits, and lots of meatless goodies, organic spices, vegan chocolate, etc. Is there anything more satisfying than unloading all that goodness into your fridge and pantry?



A great little vegetarian/vegan restaurant called, “The Cornerstone”. It’s a hangout of local university students and their instructors. They’re smart; they know where the good stuff is! And now, so do we. Look at that huge menu on the blackboard! What will we choose?



My husband and I have been together for 20 years this month, and a huge part of our courtship and married life has been finding great little places to get breakfast. Now that we’re vegan, it’s a little trickier, especially where we live, out in the country. Fortunately, The Cornerstone is not far away, and it’s meals like these that keep bringing us back.

I had the tofu-scramble (with a little hot sauce on the side, cuz I like it hot!) with roasted rosemary potatoes, toast with vegan margarine, and fair trade, organic coffee with almond milk. Oh, so good!
My husband had the home-made granola (arguably, the best granola he has ever tasted, so he says) with soy milk, and black coffee on the side.

We left well satisfied.

How was YOUR Sunday?


Lady Who Lunches



In case you haven’t realized yet, I love food!  All my childhood memories are connected to food in some way.  I remember sneaking my aunt’s spaghetti and meatballs, cold from the fridge after my cousin and I had been out pubbing in the town of Sydney, Nova Scotia.  I recall the strawberry angel-food birthday cakes that my mom made for me (at my request) again and again.  The many breakfasts that my husband and I have shared in some hole-in-the-wall in Toronto during our early days of marriage—all come back to me at a moment’s notice, replete with their aromas, tastes and even the textures in my mouth.  Yes, I love my food!

Being vegan has in no way impinged on this great adoration.  In fact, it has only served to enhance my appreciation of everything that I put on our plates, or we select from a menu elsewhere.  I have a new respect for vegetables and fruits that I never had before.  I get palpably excited to discover new things in corners of health food stores.  Last weekend, I was over the moon to find an entire section in The Stone Store that had jar upon jar of organic herbs and spices.  I brought home a whole nutmeg to grind my own, and it gave me as much pleasure as it might to win a 100 bucks in a lottery.  I’m serious.

Lunch is something I now look forward to way more than I ever have.  I know that it will usually be based on three principles:

  • a bowl
  • a carbohydrate
  • as many veggies as I can manage to cram into the bowl

This is how I came to create this wonderful dish you see in the image above.  It started with some leftover whole wheat spaghetti, and went from there with the following organic ingredients:

kale and romaine, chopped

1 gala apple, chopped

about half a cup of a package of Tofurky Chorizo style ground ( I don’t like to use the word, “beef”)

1/2 cup frozen corn

1 Tbsp. nutritional yeast

2 spoonfuls of kim chi (optional) (because I am an admitted addict)


I heated the Chorizo stuff with a little E.V.O.O., added the kale/romaine to wilt a bit; tossed in the corn, dropped in the apple, stirred it all up.  I often break my pasta (don’t report me!) so my mother can manage to eat it easily, so I had short lengths to begin with, which I added to the mixture, stirred up to heat through; tossed in the nutritional yeast (just because) and then scraped it all into the bowl and plopped the kim chi on the side.

These Vegan Days are here to stay!

Coming up today, it’s leftover boiled, steamed potatoes with …???