On the Shelves



I was at a few thrift stores on the weekend, and got the notion that I might find a vegan cookbook to start replacing and augmenting my existing collection. Now that we are vegan, I have a sort of “baker’s block”, not because I can’t bake, but because the idea of taking a strictly vegan approach to it feels a bit daunting. I ran a cooking blog called,”Dig in, Flynn”, and was posting on a daily basis. We were pseudo-vegetarian at the time and so I was using butter, eggs, cream and regular chocolate to make any number of tasty, albeit animal-exploitative dishes and desserts.

So now, I’m left trying to adapt to baking and cooking without the above ingredients and frankly, the cooking is far easier than the baking, at least so far. I have hundreds of recipes “pinned” on my boards on Pinterest and have tried a few, but I need to boost my confidence.

I’m a bit lazy when it comes to grinding your own, making your own milks or that sort of thing, so I prefer easy-to-use items I can buy to incorporate into recipes. I have used flax seed many times previously – mainly as a healthy additive, so I know it can be an egg-substitute. I’ve also baked with oil rather than butter, and that’s never been a problem.

In any case, I was thrilled to come across the books pictured above. Actually, it was my husband who spotted the Alicia Silverstone book (between the two of us, we have the vision of an underground mole rat) so that was a miracle. I found the ‘Vegan For Life” and the ” Vegetarian 5-ingredient Gourmet”. The Veggie Burger book was already in my collection, but I needed to pump up the photo.

Just by way of conversation, we gave up good quality dark chocolate for Lent ( usually have a few squares of it every day)after only having discovered the most amazing Vegan Chocolate (Endangered Species – with the images of wild animals on the wrapper), so I am looking forward to trading in my Lindor bunny that usually sits on the dresser taunting me for months, for a few bars of the really good stuff, come Easter morning.

As they say, “Nom, nom.”